[ ]

group dance installation at the walker art center in minneapolis created by the body cartography

two half hour installations sited in the foyer area before each of the coreographer's evening shows

november 26 2005

my partner : jamie garner

participants: Anna Marie Shogren, Brinsley Davis, Elliott Durko Lynch, Emma Ramstad, Bryce Beverlin II, Jamie Garner, Felicia Glidden, Hannah Kramer, Jessica Cressey, Kristin Van Loon, Margot Basset, Megan Flood, Morgan Thorson, Sean Smuda

from the body cartography website :

[ ] group installation works with personal movement style, a fluid distinctly responsive body rather than a static positional one. Animal, human, reflexive, sensorial, being yourself all at once. Always in process and at the same time having the feeling of always making something. A combination between pedestrianism and dance is traversed by a distinct focus on the body and the space at the same time. This material is created and corralled by using the space in between two people as the generator for dance.

[ ] is created and developed by Otto Ramstad and Olive Bieringa of The
BodyCartography Project as a duet form that has been adapted and performed
in St. Petersburg, Tokyo, England, Massachusetts and at the Walker's
expansion opening in April. Otto Ramstad directed this group installation
version with 14 Minneapolis super stars.