11:oo barrier

video game performance installation

maddog and scorpion will defeat the vile red falcon in less than 11 minutes!

created by bryce beverlin II & paul straumann


using the original nintendo entertainment system, the 1988 game contra is played in 2-player mode as a race against the clock. the players attempt to finish the game in the least amount of time possible. the human barrier seems to be very near 11 minutes. a count-up timer displays current game elapsed time


soap factory art gallery minneapolis
july 2-4 2005
players : bryce beverlin II & ryan welshinger
best time : 12:4o

the church in minneapolis
april 19 2003
midi sensors on gamepads . additional manipulated image displayed
players : bryce beverlin II & paul straumann
digital manipulation : peter flaherty
coach : kurt welshinger
referee : chadwick rantanen
best time : 11:13