donruss 91

many years ago i acquired the complete box set of donruss 1991 baseball trading cards as a gift. i was not and am not a card collector; i did not have any idea what i would do with the 792 player cards.

as the years passed, they sat in storage until one day an idea struck me. i'll get rid of them one by one by passing them out. how could i do it? i thought...the mail!

for the past few years [this project likely started in about 2000 although i'm unsure of the exact start date] i've been including a donruss baseball card from 1991 in each piece of mail i send: letters to friends, packages, bills, everything being sent through the mail. but only one card at a time. the progress has been slow, but steady.


some of them have returned


as of august 2007, i have completed this project. all 792 cards have been dealt