watchcam 61



created for 'mobile exposure' exhibit


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'watchcam 61' is a video piece constructed from 61 still images
captured on a casio wristcam; the cam is fairly inconspicuous and
very mobile. to covertly take pictures, one must pretend to work
a watch or something similar to a cell phone. i find most people
are unassuming in our increasingly mobile-culture and it
is quite easy to capture inconspicuously. the audio is a
narrative montage of a descriptive and reactive nature to the
images and their context. each still blends into the next to
create a flow while the audio binds and releases, surrounding the visual.


: images :
1 bryce beverlin II
2 lightbulb
3 roses
4 bryce beverlin II as baklik in the quest of irrith
5 brandy lachapelle as harra in the quest of irrith
6 silver 'i love you' necklace
7 incandecent and fluorescent lights
8 jimi hendrix
9 tamarin
10 tiger
11 beauregard
12 bryce beverlin II
13 ludwig van beethoven plastic bust
14 piano keys
15 ariel view of sidewalk
16 fluorescent lights
17 man with deer antlers on head and owl in crotch
18 hunter s. thompson
19 pink floyd 'animals' album cover
20 '71' handbag
21 'save the planet kill yourself' shirt
22 living room with lit tree
23 ween logo
24 bird head sculpture by brandy lachapelle
25 physics students in discussion
26 university of minnesota vincent hall and mall
27 adam daley
28 snare drummer
29 lightpost and church
30 astronaut experiencing tidal forces
31 sunroom lamp
32 prashant emani
33 drawing over advertisement by bryce beverlin II
34 cannibal ox 'cold vein' album cover
35 inputs of stepper motor controller
36 page 666
37 the magic fish book cover
38 tree in lynwood cemetary
39 brandy lachapelle in bed
40 fiber optic angel wings
41 orange embroidered flower
42 our sun
43 hurdy-gurdy player
44 gene wilder as willy wonka
45 mr.mouth game box
46 sock monkey
47 marilyn manson
48 darth vader
49 roast beef at subway
50 rear view in car
51 lampshade
52 conference table
53 computer keyboard
54 kris davidson teaching at university of minnesota
55 martin luther king jr program room plaque
56 apartment interior
57 car clock
58 beauregard
59 robert deniro as michael in the deer hunter
60 brandy lachapelle
61 bryce beverlin II


visual : 61 120x120 pxl b&w stills
audio : microphone into computer
duration : 6:16


december 2004

insides video 16