3 word

rule : pick three words and draw or pull a small picture to accompany

email me your 3 word submission and i'll post it

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clocked claw clippers -bbII

abortion clown act -cab

bipolar kitty grit -cab

dinky town riot -cab

el gato glass - cab

mexican erection farm -bbII

real robot jerky -bbII

major jpeg problems -cab

out of war -cab

bowel bunt cake -cab

help my pony -cab

apendix finger lift -cab

sanfrancisco acid wave -cab

lumber caterpiller scrotus -cab

yoda not far -bbII

country hearth gorilla -rm

boon shine willy -kw

tooley macnaster's nuts -bbII

heather ross sauce -bbII

tony blair banjo -bbII

dry but wet -bbII

squash can't sleep -cab

arctic cat mang -ae

fear of arby's -rm

italy vs. cyclops -rm

tempt my pussy -bbII

grover builds space -cab

tree spicks helix -cab

freshly buried jerry -bbII

monster potion holder -bbII

eleven beveled sledges -bbII

lapis lazuli polio -bbII

sterilize my tempo -bbII

john cage's rage -bbII

toxic pocket pimp -bbII

don't look away -bbII

inbread bed lice -cab

scorching church bent -cab

blazing tether teat -kw

gangrene porcelin porche -cab

kevin ate walter -bbII

venetian scare tactic -bbII

wilderness is wispy -bbII

right angle mamwich -bbII

mister toad's chode -bbII

black bear cunt -bbII

four story melon -bbII

tex mex message -bbII

terrible nightmare malt -bbII

meatball orderly heroin -bbII

flamanco blow job -cab

raw isaac newton -cab

winged frugle eye -cab

space ass ranch -cab

native gay maker -cab

constipation weigh station -cab

god country mama -np

cre pas porn -cab

papa johns hummer -cab

john byers bicycle -cab

solo chone wookie -kw

pedestrian path closure -bbII

pet my tricycle -bbII

unlimited bigot trail -bbII

dianna supino perfume -bbII

crew cut locus -bbII

hanging bagdad fahrrad -cab

big fucking mistake -bbII [american flag out of iraq map]

observe cold calcium -cab

quiet urban riot -cab

crape paper band -cab

muscles have scars -cab

czech hicup research -cab

a warm gun -cab [texas flag image]

one fourth laugh -cab

fried skittle mash -cab

asian conversion van -cab

white cholera wedding -cab

salty lilty loins -bbII

watermellon bean dam -drb

waxen fern frond -l

chewie's golden locks -kw

face plant shrubs -bbII

bananas traffic goats -cab

samantha murphy bunion -cab

two men chew -cab

empty brass dingo -cab

real teal mcniel -cab

puring fuck hair -cab

your dorm pleb -cab

free bumblebee bath -cab

look out below! -kw

yordin yodell gardner -cab

fascist bat camp -cab

salty selfish shellfish -cab

lopsided floppy popcicle -cab

coffman union brothel -cab

no committment nookie -cab

one balled beauty -cab

butter your pen -td

anti beef stick -cab

bonified chair thief -cab

mysterious rose sender -cab

twilight zone morning -cab

western wedding cyclops -cab

uncle rocko taco -cab

year round brown -ck

down syndrome downtime -kw

coffee ground popsicle -cab

skip anus bleaching -cab

insist on incest -bbII

murderous rage bracelet -bbII

your swedish right? -cab

wreck jeff specht -bbII

barbie got bananaed -cab

ching ping pong -cab

jumbled ungulate wrath -cab

mermaids are modest -bl

dukin' the pony -cab

hate cures hicups -bbII

knobby eyelid muscle -td

eleven beveled sledges -bbII

white dwarf porch -bbII

mister blister brown -bbII

grade eh? grapes -bbII

park the ark -bbII

hemmingway technicolor dracula -annonymous [on wall in men's bathroom at oak street cinema]

tiny plastic fetuses -cab

michael jackson's taxes -bbII

fuck yourself slowly -bbII

kill me now -bbII

your mom called -bbII

distrusting the wheel -bl

half a fact -bbII

syrian battle lace -bbII

creamy crayola colada -cab

presbiterian kinder care -cab

crispin glover brother -kw

excellent mexican standoff -bbII

shirley in handcuffs -td

moon man market -cab

nancy glover's hovercraft -cab

three toed chode -cab

resist the briss -cab

white trashy mouse -pjb

iron ore even -bbII

red equals south -cab

swim up bar -cab

burt hit bert -bbII

yield to jesus -cab

quite enough cran -cab

not sure why -cab

mihal: "political hicup" -cab

brews and brots -cab

resist none mister -bbII

tolstoy's boy band -bbII

anti spagetti bathroom -bbII

byonce beyond bondage -bbII

coffee filter surprise -cab

fuck you buddy -cab

german door mouse -bbII

mark my words -bbII

mister mc feltcha -bbII

pet pat sayjack -cab

resist egg nachos -bbII

secret sperm bank -bbII

the seed project -cab

surrender your socks -bbII

lick my face -ck

like an australian -bl

mumbling crumpet tin -bl

union john cusaick -bbII

fermi fish tank -bbII

jesus john grisham -bbII

law and olver
double dutch pumps -bbII

tapping into happenstance -bbII

include yourself if -bbII

rectum spectrum tines -bbII

convert your rectum -bbII

atv window widow -bbII

ten sig event -bbII

billiard ball concept -bbII

massage olver's equation -bbII

don't abuse fusion -bbII

reverse lorentz maw -bbII

rod of stewart -bbII

tolstoy's boy band -bbII

this snake bites -bbII


beware the beef! -np

donnie osmond karate -kw & bbII

mullets at play -kw & bbII

ancient agent orange -bbII

president lincoln shrinking -bbII

newt gingrich's boots -bbII

chef's muffin tuft -bbII

freak sampling accident -bbII

canadian wildfire veil -bbII

draconic speaking bong -bbII & kw

fowl bowel bar -kb

hooked on subs -cab

fighting freight training -bbII

precambrian data packet -bbII

julliard's puke yard -bbII

cliffs plus lifters -bbII

gibbling waddle tackle -bbII

magic alaska corpse -bbII

deplete the sheep -bl

concious poncious poilet -cab

aqueous balloon rake -bbII

distrusting the wheel -bl

mormons in orbit -kw

hide your children -cab

sexy by proxy -kw

crossbuck butt fuck -bbII

deviated memphis septum & whip it gud -pe

grey davis buffett -kw & pe

gravy by nature -bbII

queen bee's penis -bbII

america likes it -cab

arrogant dangerous fake -bbII

beau beau's bitches -bbII

bishop takes queen -bbII

eat more shit -bbII

fruit fly hennessy -cab

intestinal chicken molester -drb

it's phyllis' birthday -bbII

jimi plays cock -cab

somebody wakeup god -bbII

god's not there -cab

kill your country -cab

naked stern orniment -cab

ohh fuckin evolve -cab

only touch once -cab

poison your pussy -bbII

pork doesn't talk -bbII

time for change -bbII

vatican on feminism -bbII

deep-seeded urban decay -cab

one eared turtle -cab

chime your bells -cab

eat pork products -cab [prickly shark]

what you want? -cab

release from agony -rm

tenant cemetary slaughterhouse -cab

i need none -cab

one fresh tendril -cab

let's go tonight -cab

best studdy buddy -cab

unfortunate porch party -bbII

eating medical humor -pjb

hoggies and grinders -cab

only test once -cab

first one in -cab

tony blair banjo -bbII

anglo french orbit -cab

oingo boingo calls -cab

diamond lung love -bbII

not will farrell -bbII

reclaim angela landsbury -cab

second hand lyons -bbII

ferral terrorist clitoris -bbII

leather bound cudgel -bbII

measure out marble -bbII

pleasure on finder -bbII

juniper tuna laser -bbII

i love rootbeer -bbII

shocking shotput footage -bbII

assinate your TV -cab

iranian uranium enrichment -bbII

dont dip taco -cab

fallopian fell open -bbII

left to lentil -cab

hot lunch line -cab

motive for explosion -cab

hermaphroditic exercise section -kb

lester's wish list -kw

tork meal posture -np

ron jeremy saturn -kb

standard sized wolfowitz -pe

bald patch adams -pe

p-pyushit real gyud -pe

spaghetti western wear -kw

mike's wife's boats -bbII

spanish civil war -rk

wife spiked meatballs -pe

brown eyebrow frown -kw/ck

triple-berry by choice -kw/ck

pooped my skirt -kw/ck

reboot your booty -drb

too much government -cab

stroke my rosery -cab










bbII : bryce beverlin II

cab : christa beverlin

rm : ross medenwaldt

np : nick prahl

kw : kurt welshinger

ae : ada eha

drb : dr. bryce beverlin MD

l : leslie

td : tracy drumm

ck : catherine knight

bl : brandy lachapelle

pjb : pamela beverlin

kb : katey beverlin

pe : prashant emani

rk : renee kwiatkowski