bryce beverlin II


poetry : text from the next protectors

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your summer evening shadowed by spikes


crickets mistaken for ships exploring our universe


someday future civilizations, perhaps even an extension of our own, will receive signals we have been producing since the advent of radio and television. perhaps they will find the earth even if we have long since passed on. they may even fish out our exploratory spacecraft from deep space like a fisherman pulling up a boot from the bottom of a lake. one thing is for certain though: in the past century we have produced the means to communicate with extrasolar beings. barring a major catastrophy, we will continue to expand our influence by colonizing other rocks in our solar system. this action will provide a diversification of our living space and increase the chances of current human intelligence to survive. our bodies, technology, and direction will evolve until we are able to expand beyond our own solar system. perhaps to nearby stars with habitable planets, perhaps we will master space travel to the point of whole societies existing on spacecraft. exploration of our galaxy would likely follow. by then we may have the means to skip to other galaxies or regions of the universe by exploiting the space-time continum. if not, the physical leap to travel inter-galactically would be quite something to behold. it's all relative as the saying goes. if we are able to traverse our own galaxy with ease then moving between galaxies would not be so far off. then, of course our domain would be local clusters of galaxies until those became commonplace. superclusters beyond that. by then the whole notion of existence would most likely be something unfathomable by our human brains. at one point, crossing the ocean on earth seemed an impossibly insane idea. even at our basic level and short existence as sentient beings we have created an enormous amount of information. the evolution of our intelligence is most remarkable and even more remarkable is the extremely small slice we experience in one lifetime compared to this evolution. even more remarkable is how that slice is simply the smallest of specks on the timescale of our universe.


land my lover
sanded meat. land the trig function. leap onto the liver mound. a soul hath been ground. juicy two-peas : the crouton crew please! lift the lavatory out of its misery. dan quail? sailing jib inequalities. this could be the problem. is this the solution? lotion brought to fruition or boredom? you make two calls. both of them raced around something unknown. some to tone and some to pick off the unseen bone. sounds like a round could be worried or lasted forever mispers. hill giant. click tricks. mork and cindy. she gives it. the rich no longer get richard, they get dan rather for one shower period. the load has been given. the snow, delivered among the blanket of blistarded gastrostinal masts and introvenous bowls.
i have domes above the scores bent listed and moored to moors laughed and grafting every chance they get. i have a stove and a sink. the banister is non-existint. it does not tint or tant splintered floorboards or produce produce like you like it. lick it. she likes it. she hikes these days and loves me as we love our independence. a dance within among art and warmth.

deep within my uncle's bunker it is dark warm cozy chosen protection reflection and quiet
the explorer that is not afraid of failure. one that is confident in their ability and self worth. those willing and unafraid of death will survive the territory. i have no proof.
it does not mean i live in a duplex. it means you live in a duplex of souflex mexican lexicons, mon.
i'm feeling upbeat. i love thursdays and the blurb stays on the strayest mate.
space travel. sunspots. lots of luther. missed quister fisted and nested within a shapeshifting sift-artist. the farthest? no.
i like to fuck with my knees on. damn. did i say that?
i like it when the fleece is lifted and sanded.
lease the meat.
loose the lumber.
lackluster musk.
i make it hard with barding and szillard letters to fettering presidents. the rent is too high in this place so i ponder the proud mary when it burns and maybe when i churn up the white house line. send a sack of rice through history. missed up and blustery. must.


how swimming feels
by and buy brilling elope tansery chains sane a sannish elanthropist hanging on leaf lump cure analyst pannel man mention my anthropvan acular ocupant hack saw vent tendril lent aminal crem sho los ominymistriphal habberish quite quills and quickly





sunburned sheriffs
once the familiar
heavy-whiskered walleyes walls and bells
olfactories again
hounds delicious happenstance
i found your silky demons


troweling atop their 66 trowels
a puma
tall small end symbols in launcher
the center
apply permanence


d'isthme asthme atermoiements de quant
aux presse paresses plein encore jamais
ces puis
f me
j',tais j',tais


life's echo