5 word

rule : pick five words and draw or pull a small picture to accompany

email me your 5 word submission and i'll post it


park that fucker out back -bbII

cleveland steamers are for free -bbII

were you born that way? -bbII

sibley high after sanction resort -bbII

gran maal search and seizure -bbII

moniker named monk non monkey -bbII

martin sheen's forked tounge venus -bbII

shooting confusion into the goat -bl

don't look to your left -cab [lizard fish]

mr michael jackson got freed -cab

punky brewster brewed her millions -bbII

best western cakepan fandango hatchery -bbII

three twinkies stole my wife -bbII

no thats deffinately not normal -cab


bbII : bryce beverlin II

bl : brandy lachapelle

cab : christa beverlin