71 scent

ska band


jon mitchell : guitar
josh madson : vocals
peter olmsheid : bass
bryce beverlin II : drums
jeremy hoglund : alto sax
joe ward : trombone
jeff specht : trombone/tuba


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riboflavin studio
mr. greenfeld
chicken man
on ramp
milk or milk?
arlo candy
death to smokers
yes you did
lady pill
surfin' max
it's a dime dumbass
better way
no horns
arlo candy studio
poonhut's revenge
surfin' max [ low vox ]
i love the things that hurt me when i eat [hard]
i love the things that hurt me when i eat [lounge]
monster trucks intro
monster trucks



riboflavin was the first song written in this band. a lot of the songwriting was collaborative. we practiced in the mitchell basement and went swimming in their pool after just about every practice which was just about every day of the summer. our first show was in the first avenue mainroom on in an all day ska festival. we played there a few more times with bands like the blue meanies, mephiskapheles, animal chin, stinkfish [siren 6]. we played at the java joint in st. cloud, basement shows, and backyard parties. we also played several shows at the infamous higher grounds coffee shop near county road d and 35W with bands like the secret society and the fighter pilots. early on, we made a cassette called "for the rude" by recording on 4-track in the practice space. in 1997 we went into oarfin studios to record songs to release a cd, but we chose to disolve shortly after.