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insides music experimental percussion minneapolis minnesota st.paul bryce beverlin II davu seru andrew lafkas studio 677 save vs/ vs vs. spells bpm ross medenwaldt joe pulju greg stuart merritt lyon don nichols dnn quadrivium 011 improvisational improv improvisation performance psionic art brandy lachapelle andy fife paul olejarkzuk dedalus studio studios driving alice mr.rabbit ascent descent i guess i'm late four misery paul giallorenzo plonk violin germany ukuphambana bieux l'boiseür bill boyer star video pianist ath pelog illegal art traces rocks fuck it man claves slide erase rebonds over contrabass guitar drums bass keyboards descent dj teenybopper bunnyhug jeremy from boise ground madep chaonaut remix you have a great estate general we shall soon divide it amongst us acadia metro state university piano compositions life milkbrook liketrack greenlamb loot ae.nism rastamama violin epaPunkt iwatre beatas yelody talk ides of november chicago an experimental recording at dedalus studio in chicago using many microphones with performances in several areas this cd is a sonic mixture by paul olejarkzuk the ides performance series is organized by andrew fife and occurs on the ides of each month faces of juno knubzzygul's tears field trip to the bagel factory herbival goliath vs. colossus i've got my ion, you! mumak!mumak! outermission the suns rise on min-aesotah of mice locusts devour hektor's corpse negative artist madame lafronge petting the segmented dog cullinary attendant :rastamama violin epaPunkt iwatre beatas yelody talk electronic new music insidesmusic longmont potion castle late eighties vein prank phone calls randall kornkok 19 natty dread variations electronic avant garde experimental jazz dugan nash luworm negative artist art microsound idm glitch layer lair d&d tape manipulation hatian nation rations gracious patrons