the incredible potential of our mind


awake for only this moment

Bryce Beverlin II is a physicist developing treatments for lung diseases, Alzheimer's disease, and a multidisciplinary artist exploring various forms of art including free improvisational music, composition improvisational dance, film and video, poetry, installation, and conceptual performance. His primary artistic discipline is music, which he has been immersed in since the age of three including numerous awards, over 100 recordings, and a Bachelor's of Music from Northwestern University in 2000. Bryce started the record label, Insides Music, in 1998 and has curated the Tuesday Night weekly series for free improvisation in Minneapolis. He has a PhD in physics at the University of Minnesota in 2012 conducting research on neural network dynamics after earning a Bachelor's of Science honors in Physics and Astrophysics with a minor in Mathematics in 2006. 

bryce beverlin II

a love and practice of creating music

an awe and dedication to scientific inquiry

a general happiness with the adventure of living