artist statement

My main intention in exploring art is to experiment through forms of communication in ways that expand my understanding of the world I live and to present those works for others to experience. As a multidisciplinary artist, I am concerned with the progression of various forms of modern art. I consider my primary discipline to be music through composition, recording, and live performance. The importance and practice of free improvisation has deeply rooted my artistic endeavors. Presentation of musical recordings has led me to collaborate with artists around the world and to start a record label with freely available music online. In dance, movement, and performance art, I am involved in pushing my body to its fullest extent as an expression of my physical form and its relation to mentality. In public performance, I seek to explore boundaries of social conventions, perception, and candid reaction while simultaneously transforming my own being into new feelings. Through conceptual pieces, I have embarked upon processes that take years to complete and have written pieces for others to interpret and perform at will. With a certain bent interest in language not only as a form of communication, but also as a sonic format, my use of text in poetry and oration is central to a belief that language is constantly evolving and is important to move the words to forge fresh paths. In film, I find the presentation of a two-dimensional image and two-channel sound to be a curious format where I enjoy exploring humorous fantastical experiments of storytelling and documentation. In installation, I thoroughly exhaust the possibilities of a given space to push the boundaries of its capability to express feeling and perception. Although my artistic efforts are wide spread, the core of my aesthetic remains solid and nourishing to all areas of my interests.

bryce beverlin II